Promoting natural health

We’re into treating our ailments and staying healthy the natural way. Jeff has been preparing his signature cayenne drink for years, and swears by it. The moment he decided to bottle it, he looked out his window and a bluebird swooped down and landed on a branch a few feet away. That was enough to inspire Bluebird Brand.

Sharing what works

When you find something that works for you, you keep at it. And then if you’re lucky, you share it with others. That’s the reason we make Bluebird Tonic and Elixir available to those we care about.

What is a tonic?

A tonic is a potent formula that has the power to strengthen and tonify your system. Our Maple Cayenne tonic has the power to strengthen and fire up your digestive and circulatory systems. By stimulating blood flow to your stomach and surrounding organs your body will metabolize and burn like a machine. This translates into a healthy metabolism.

Pure and effective ingredients

Bluebird Brand is our dedication to living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Our medicinal tonics feature pure and effective ingredients like cayenne-infused apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, and pure Vermont maple syrup. The result? A delicious and potent Tonic and Elixir for optimal cleansing and vitality!

We pack everything into recyclable glass containers. Glass does not leach weird flavors into the product, so you get the freshest flavor possible.