Ingredients You Know and Love

Effective ingredients

Jeff developed this system after studying and apprenticing with an herbalist for four years. He believes a healthy dose of good, strong medicine can do the trick.

Lots of brands that offer similar products put everything except the kitchen sink in their formula. Our tonic provides a good dose of powerful ingredients. They get the job done.


Food science

We use real ingredients: apple cider vinegar, spring water, cayenne pepper, fresh ginger, and local Vermont maple syrup.

No chemicals, fillers, dyes, or junk goes into our products. They are pure and full of real flavors.


Apple cider vinegar has tradition and science backing its reputation. Maple syrup is nutritious and delicious. Fresh ginger and cayenne have a powerhouse of attributes — their actions are innumerable. From soothing an upset belly to relieving an agonizing toothache, this dynamic duo cover a lot of territory. Your digestive, circulatory, immune, metabolic, cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, and cognitive functions all benefit from ginger and cayenne. Plus cayenne is loaded with antioxidants, ginger has over 225 known properties, and maple syrup is loaded with minerals.

We don’t mess around

Other tonics are weak and afraid to release the true power of cayenne and ginger. Cayenne is a powerful substance and we’re not afraid to use it. That’s why we encourage our customers to dilute our Tonic and Elixir in a glass of water.