Ingredients You Know and Love


Our peppers

There’s a great farm down the road from our home here in southern Vermont. They’re the archetype of hard working farmers. They do it all. They’re great people and grow fantastic produce. They grow several varieties of peppers for us: Jalapeño, Habanero, Hot Cherry, Cayenne and Red Hots. We’re proud to offer a hot sauce prepared almost exclusively with Vermont-grown peppers.  

Bold and full of flavor - not just heat!

It takes more than great peppers to make a great sauce. Besides peppers we also blend our sauces with a variety of local and exotic fruits, vegetables and spices. Our Maple Chipotle, for example, features Vermont smoked maple syrup and Vermont apple cider. It pairs perfectly with autumn harvest dishes like squash, meat pies, and casseroles.


Variety is the spice of life — pun intended! Our Habanero Sauce features perfectly ripened habanero peppers,  roasted garlic, roasted sweet vidalia onions, and a splash of lime. Our Mango Madness features the same habanero peppers combined with pineapple, tropical spices, fresh lime juice, and a pile of sweet mangoes. The Taco Fiesta is truly one of a kind: a custom 4-chile pepper blend. Jalapeno, serrano, cherry bomb and a pinch of habanero combined with tomato, secret spices, and fresh garlic. Lots of heat and lots of savory goodness!