In our home

We use hot sauce for everything we eat, within reason. For breakfast, hot sauce gets poured on and prepared with eggs, hash browns, and sausage. For lunch and dinner we add hot sauce to our tuna salad, hummus, tacos, burritos, veggie bowls, stir frys, pasta sauce, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, rice & beans, salsa, hoagies, grinders, subs, sandwiches or whatever you call ‘em.  Hot sauce goes with everything savory. We don’t put hot sauce on sweet stuff except fresh mango.

Jeff’s cooking advice

Everyone can cook. If you can cook a pot of rice and open a can of beans then you can make a delicious bowl of beans & rice. All you gotta do is pour Taco Fiesta on top of your bowl, and you’ve got a delicious and spicy meal.

Always start with a small dose of hot sauce and work your way up. Everyone has a different tolerance and appreciation for hot pepper sauce in their food.

Jeff says he hasn’t eaten a style of food that doesn’t go with hot sauce. The Taco Fiesta is inspired by fresh salsa and Mexican food. The Mango Madness comes from a love of sweet tropical fruit and hot pepper dishes. And the Habanero Sauce — Jeff’s current favorite — is designed to honor the pepper itself. Its heat, flavor and aroma hit you just right.