About Us

Jeff & Enid Levinsky.
Husband and wife. Best friends. Partners in crime.

We’re Jeff and Enid. We live in Putney, Vermont. A small village in the southern part of the state, it’s known for apple orchards, maple syrup, artists of all kinds, a general store from 1796, and several elementary, private, and boarding schools. Lots of schools. And Silk City Hot Sauce and Bluebird Tonic and Elixir! World renowned sauce and tonic!


Our story

Our business started in 2014 atop a stunning mountain in southern Vermont. Jeff has been a hot sauce fanatic for over 20 years. Back in the 90’s Jeff was a “regular” at Suzie’s Hot Sauce shop in New Hope, PA. They had a Wall of Flame and Jeff’s mugshot was amongst the Hottest of the Hot. In the early 2000’s Jeff spent four years apprenticing with an herbalist in Ithaca, NY. That’s where Jeff learned how to use plants as medicine. The Tonic and Elixir comes from a deep knowledge and appreciation for the power of plants as food and medicine.


We enjoy spending quality time in the kitchen.

We like our food HOT, and we’re into staying healthy the natural way. We started Levinsky’s to share what we use and love in our own kitchen, with others who value fresh, healthy products.

We’re the chief, the cook, and the bottle washers. We work out of a small commercial kitchen, source our peppers and maple syrup locally, and we keep our ingredients pure. We bring you great-tasting, gimmick-free products you’ll love.

We enjoy making and sharing our products with the world. We hope to continue making products for our fans, and to put our child through college and retire some day. What else is there?