Small batches, locally sourced

Our sauce is all about the pepper. We start each batch with bunches and bunches of fresh, local peppers. Then we add complementary ingredients to bring out the best flavors in each batch. It’s like conducting an orchestra: each ingredient is there to support the next, and together they create magic! 

Silk City Hot Sauce is bold and full of flavor — not just heat! It comes in a variety of flavors and strengths. Which one will become your favorite?

No gimmicks here

Every sauce is 100% natural, gluten free, vegan, and contains no chemicals, fillers, dyes, or junk. We pack everything into recyclable glass containers. Glass does not leach weird flavors into the product, so you get the freshest flavor possible.

Silk City?

Jeff’s mother and father are from Paterson, NJ, which was a major textile mill town back in the day. His grandfather worked on a loom. They called it Silk City. It’s where his people come from and it’s who he is.

Our sauce, for you

We enjoy spending quality time in the kitchen. After working all day it’s nice to come home and prepare a delicious meal together  — and we like it HOT! That’s where our love of hot peppers first began, and now it’s grown into a brand we can share with you.


New Product!

New Product!