Cure what ails you

The Bluebird Tonic and Elixir will gently cleanse your body of toxins and bad juju. It helps with a variety of ailments:

  • pain
  • tummy aches
  • hangovers
  • nausea
  • general malaise

It also promotes mental clarity, healthy digestion, and an increase in your metabolism — this tonic does it all!

Put a pep in your step

This Tonic and Elixir will fire up your furnace and turn your metabolism into a raging machine. You will feel more energetic when your system is functioning on all cylinders. Plus, science says apple cider vinegar helps burn fat, and cayenne speeds up a slow metabolism!

The power of ginger and cayenne will blow the fog away. They stimulate your blood and disperse stagnant energy.

For Jeff personally, this tonic has been more than helpful over the years. He’s in his 40’s and he’s often mistaken for a mere lad in his 20’s. Seriously: healthy digestion, metabolism, and cleansing will make you feel like a real life superhero.


How will I know if it’s working?

You’ll know. You’ll start feeling it right away. You’ll feel your digestive system really churning up and assimilating your food into high octane energy.

The effects are immediate and the formula will circulate through your system for hours.

Take a look at our ingredients page to see what each beneficial ingredient can do for you.