How to Enjoy

You’ll feel a rush of energy through your body

The power of cayenne and ginger are undeniable. We’ve seen people’s eyes light up. If you’ve never tried it and you’re worried you might not like it — don’t worry. You will. It’s delicious.

How do you take it?

Take a teaspoon 2-3 times daily, or add it to a glass of water or juice.

Jeff’s favorite way to enjoy Bluebird Tonic and Elixir is to add a teaspoon of it in a small glass of water in the morning and in the evening. Adding a splash to your water bottle is great, too, for a tonic on the go.

We also recommend pouring a splash in a glass of apple juice. That’s very nice!

The Cayenne Maple Tonic and Elixir is a staple in our home. We take it regularly. Jeff adds it to his water bottle and drinks it throughout the day. It keeps his system clean! When we’re not feeling well or coming down with something we up the dose. The tonic can and should be taken everyday.